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Alcohol Poisoning: Symptoms, Causes, Complications, and Treatment

Sometimes, however, alcohol may not be present in blood and urine even when the impact of alcohol poisoning is still quite evident. Diagnosis of alcohol poisoning is complex, requiring a physical examination, assessment of vital signs, and possibly diagnostic tests. There are a number of issues that interfere with the timely diagnosis of alcohol poisoning, and delays can worsen the consequences.

Binge Drinking and Alcohol Toxicity

  • Therefore, if you’ve consumed a lot of alcohol, you could still be at risk for alcohol poisoning even if you’ve stopped drinking.
  • Based upon clinical suspicion of EG poisoning, the examination of urine sediment by light microscopy can aid in the diagnosis.
  • Alcohol in the stomach and intestine continues to enter the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body.
  • At this stage, drinking becomes everything in your life, even at the expense of your livelihood, your health and your relationships.
  • This paper will also discuss the limitations of the emergency department workup and how the absence of particular laboratory findings does not necessarily rule out the diagnosis.

Dialysis, a process by which blood is filtered of waste and toxins, may be necessary in severe circumstances. In some instances, oxygen may be administered by placing a mask on the face. Mechanical ventilation may be necessary for respiratory support if breathing is not self-controlled.

alcohol poisoning stages


  • Medications and lifestyle modifications may also be prescribed depending on the stage.
  • Survival is possible if immediate medical care is provided, but death or permanent disability can result without treatment.
  • An individual may want to seek treatment for alcohol use or another mental health condition such as depression or anxiety.
  • Someone who is drunk can experience worsening symptoms within a few hours.

It is a regular practice to give small amounts of beer to race horses in Ireland. Ruminant farm animals have natural fermentation occurring in their stomach, and adding alcoholic beverages in small amounts to their drink will generally do them no harm, and will not cause them to become drunk. In addition to respiratory failure and accidents caused by its effects on the central nervous system, alcohol causes significant metabolic derangements. Hypoglycaemia occurs due to ethanol’s inhibition of gluconeogenesis, especially in children, and may cause lactic acidosis, ketoacidosis, and acute kidney injury.

  • This effect decreases the gag reflex, which can make you choke on your own vomit while passed out or sleeping, causing potentially fatal consequences.
  • These metabolic byproducts are potent organic acids that generate a high anion gap metabolic acidosis.
  • Ethyl alcohol poisoning generally results from drinking too many alcoholic beverages in a short period of time.
  • This is not always the case because high levels of isopropanol can cause hypotension leading to hypoperfusion and a lactic acidosis.
  • Once stabilized, the goal is to transition from detox, to treatment, to maintenance (practicing sober living by changing your life), to transcendence—the final step in the path to recovery.
  • It’s a disease—an altering of the brain that controls a person’s motivation and ability to make healthy choices.

International Patients

Survival is possible if immediate medical care is provided, but death or permanent disability can result without treatment. Know the danger signals, and if you suspect that someone has an alcohol overdose, call 911 for help immediately. Do not wait for the person to have all the symptoms, and be aware that a person who has passed out can die. Don’t play doctor—cold showers, hot coffee, and walking do not reverse the effects of alcohol overdose and could actually make things worse. BAC and the number of drinks you consume are very rough indicators of impairment. Alcohol intoxication can vary by tolerance (meaning whether your body is accustomed to the presence of alcohol through repeated use), your gender, body weight, body fat percentage, and other factors.

How Many Days Does it Take to Recover from Alcohol Overdose?

alcohol poisoning stages

It’s important to remember that a person with alcohol poisoning may not have all the signs and symptoms. With so many effects on the body, the usual first step in treating alcoholism is detox—or getting alcohol out of your system. Depending on the severity of the alcohol use disorder, this stage can be mildly annoying or severe. Early withdrawal symptoms include headaches, anxiety, nausea, irritability and shaking. Heavy alcohol consumption has been linked to more than 60 different diseases.

Liver Disease: Signs & Symptoms, Causes, Stages, Treatment – Cleveland Clinic

Liver Disease: Signs & Symptoms, Causes, Stages, Treatment.

Posted: Wed, 04 Oct 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Once stabilized, the goal is to transition from detox, to treatment, to maintenance (practicing sober living by changing your life), to transcendence—the final step in the path to recovery. Getting adequate proteins, calories, and nutrients can alleviate symptoms, improve quality of life, and decrease mortality. Remember, your friend does not have to have all the symptoms to be at risk.

alcohol poisoning stages

Stage 7: Death

Someone who is drunk can experience worsening symptoms within a few hours. Alcohol use and taking opioids or sedative hypnotics, such as sleep and anti-anxiety medications, can increase your risk of an overdose. Examples of these medications include sleep aids, such as zolpidem and eszopiclone, and benzodiazepines, such as diazepam and alprazolam. Even drinking alcohol while taking over-the-counter antihistamines can be dangerous.

  • The table below shows common symptoms at each level of alcohol intoxication.
  • A drunk person can recover with rest, fluids, and eating a balanced meal, while a person with alcohol poisoning needs to go to the hospital and get an IV or maybe their stomach pumped.
  • Friends and acquaintances may have a tendency to overlook intoxicated victims, believing that the alcohol will wear off.
  • Alcohol poisoning happens when there’s too much alcohol in your blood, causing parts of your brain to shut down.
  • For example, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), a stroke, or a seizure can cause problems with speech and level of consciousness that may be confused with alcohol consumption.
  • Alcohol also irritates the stomach lining, leading to inflammation (gastritis), which can make you feel nauseated and throw up.

Depending on the severity of intoxication treatment includes: 1, 3 11

The liver, which normally metabolizes and detoxifies alcohol, is damaged by chronic alcohol use. When you can’t metabolize alcohol efficiently, the harmful effects on your body occur quickly, have a more dramatic effect, and last longer. Call 911 or go to the nearest hospital if you stages of alcohol intoxication notice signs of alcohol poisoning. Then, do what you can to keep the person safe until help arrives. Never leave someone who is drunk alone, whether they are asleep or awake. If you are concerned that they could hurt you, maintain a safe distance while waiting for professional help.

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